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1-687 Antique Copper Petite Etched Margarithe Chain
1-687 1-687 Antique Copper Petite Etched Margarithe Chain
1-660 Silver Plate Ball Chain Connector - 4.5mm
1-660 1-660 Silver Plate Ball Chain Connector - 4.5mm
1-656 Gunmetal Ball Chain 4.5mm
1-656 1-656 Gunmetal Ball Chain 4.5mm
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1-090 Antique Copper Large Rolo Chain 7mm
$5.25 per foot
1-1003 White Euro Licorice Leather 10mm x 6mm
$0.61 per inch
1-1145 Antique Silver Euro Licorice Apple
1-274 Silver Plate Ball Chain 2mm
$1.45 per foot
1-367 Antique Copper Rolo Chain 4.5mm
$3.65 per foot
1-446 Silver Plate Larger Style Classic Curb Chain
$2.95 per foot
1-475 Antique Brass Smooth Oval Hoop Chain
$2.85 per foot
1-499 Silver Plate Large Crimped Oval Style Chain 15.5 x 10mm
$3.95 per foot
1-505 Brushed Silver Plate Crimped Olivet Chain
$3.25 per foot
1-513 Antique Brass Couture Round Chain
$4.45 per foot
1-519 Antique Copper Lobster Clasp 9 X 5mm
$2.55 per 6 clasps
1-573 Antique Copper Large Floating Double Ring Chain
$7.45 per foot

Welcome  to our extensive gallery of jewelry chain and jewelry supplies.......

At ChainGallery.com you will also find  Jewelry supplies to match our jewelry chain including   clasps | lobster clips | jump rings | toggles | hook & eyes | crimps | crimps with loop | headpins | ball chain connectors.

Chain styles include Rolo chain, Curb chain, Cable chain, Figaro chain, Decorative chain to inspire your jewelry making and jewellery design.

Some points to consider when buying chain for jewelry making.  It is important to note the material the chain is made from. Brass based chain is usually a better choice than iron or steel based metal chain.  In its unplated state brass chain is either a yellowish gold or shiny bright orange color.  Brass chains are non magnetic.  One of the benefits of brass chain is that it is much less prone to corrosion than iron or steel chain.  (Research has also been done on the favorable germicidal qualities of brass).  The main disadvantage of iron and steel chains is that they suffer badly from rust if not protected in some way.  Iron and steel chains are magnetic.  Stainless steel chain sold by ChainGallery is quality polished solid stainless steel.  Solid stainless steel does not corrode, rust or stain with water.  Our stainless steel chains are non magnetic. 

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